Come try the finest Tandoori cuisine in South Florida.

tan-door [than-doo r] -noun

Origin: 1655-65; {Hindi, Urdu - tandur} {Persian - tanur}

a cylindrical clay oven, fired to a high heat by wood, charcoal, or gas in which foods, especially meats, are cooked and bread is baked

The exotic flavors of Pakistani and Indian cuisine are artfully created with the finest and freshest ingredients at Miami Tandoor.

Authentic recipes are prepared to truly unparalleled perfection by masterful chefs for both lunch and dinner.

A tempting array of appetizers will start your meal off with a flavorful touch, including beef samosa (seasoned ground beef wrapped in a flaky pastry) or chicken kabob (minced chicken meat barbequed in traditional clay ovens.)

Freshly baked breads are warm and wholesome, served along with vegetarian, tandoori, seafood, rice, chicken, beef, goat and lamb specialties of the house.

A delectable selection of authentic desserts is also served to add a sweet finale to your meal.

In a hurry? Your friends at Miami Tandoor will gladly prepare your meal to go.

Enjoy a savory taste of sultry, far-away lands at Miami Tandoor, where traditional Pakistani and Indian specialties are graciously served with a smile, to you and all your guests.